So I was talking with Deirdre with regard to the time of year for our nuptuals. She came back with a comment about not really caring, but more interested in the date itself. She said that she would like to get married on Friday the 13th. I nodded and remembered that she had commented on that before. So off to the compter she went to look up the next few months that would have a Friday the 13th in them. She came back with August `04 and May `05. Now August would be cutting it a bit close. It being May or June of `04 as it was. So we decided on Friday May 13, 2005.

With a date set, we went back to look at the villa that we had had decided on before. Sadly the villa that we were looking at for our wedding no longer exists. We were bummed. But, being as we had a date, we set off on coming up with a new idea for the ceremony. Dee has yet to go on a cruise, so we starting looking into them. Deirdre found a cruise that had a island stop on the day we needed, so off on a cruise we go. We are headed to the Southern Caribbean for a week of fun, sun, and wedding bliss.

The Destiny docks in Aruba on Friday 13. Ray and I will head out onto the island for a few hours as Nicky and Charlotte help Deirdre primp for the ceremony. At 2:00pm local time, Dee, Nicky, and Charlotte will come riding up on horses to the Natural Bridge and the ceremony will happen there. Ray will be acting as the officiant for us.

Well, as it turned out, we never made it to Aruba. *sigh* Seems a couple of folks decided that they didn't like the cruise and wanted to get off the ship a bit earlier than expected. Ah well, the folks on the ship....the ones that run it, not the ones that left early....were wonderfull. We got a room, flowers, a cake, decorations, champagne, and even our very own flunky to help us sent things up. So rather than on the Natural Bridge, we got married in a Greek motif area of the ship. Was great fun and the view out onto the ocean was grand.

Turns out not going to Aruba was a good thing. Seems they had the grandmother of all storms hitting the island. Everything from power to phones was knocked out. Hmmm on the boat with a great view of the sea or on the Natural Bridge soaked to the bone. You decide.