This is a page devoted to the lovely lady in my life,

See, I can get lucky with a beauty queen

This is Deirdre on a rock back on the east coast

As you can see Deirdre can defend herself. I keep that in mind when joking around with her. :)

Deirdre has introduced me to hockey. As you can see, she is a Detroit Red Wings fan.

Deirdre went to the Renaissance Faire and boy does she look good in our outfit.

This is another shot of Deirdre at Ren Faire

Deirdre the day after our 2002/2003 New Years party. Nice and warm by the fire. I should point out that Dee made the jammies that she is wearing.
She made a set for a whole bunch of us.

Deirdre made the CanCan dress that she is wearing here.
It was made for Ray and Nicky's wedding in which we were told to be "festive".